Activities in Yukon

camping in Yukon, Canada

Hiking - Whitehorse Yukon

When the weather gets warmer in Yukon, hiking with spectacular views is one of the best activity you could ever choose in Yukon!

dogsledding activities in Yukon, Canada

Dogsledding Activities in Yukon

The dogsledding activity is ne of the favourite activities in Winter for tourist in Yukon.

biking in yukon

Biking in Yukon

There are many different parkur for those who is in love to discover nature by biking around wildlife in Yukon. Let's find out together what is in there!

Canoeing in Yukon, Canada

Canoeing and Kayaking in Yukon

Yukon provides more options of canoeing and kayaking supports with its wild river activities. Let the river take you for sightseeing in Whitehorse.

pet friendly activities in Yukon

Dog-Friendly Activities in Yukon

As dogs are the best friend of human being, they are also helping us to make our life easier. Never forget our best friends when we go for activities in Yukon.

fishing in Yukon, Canada

Ice Fishing in Yukon, Canada

Ice fishing is the one of the oldest traditional culture in Yukon. Let's witness for the wildlife to learn how Eskimo survive up there!